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Woman Zone
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A special and new New Zealand made product to give more zing to your Love Life.

What will a woman experience when using WomanZone?

On application of a pearl-sized portion of WomanZone to the clitoris, with subsequent stimulation, a cooling sensation (some women describe it as warm, even hot) will be felt. This is caused by menthol, which facilitates the absorption of L-Arginine. As vasodilation occurs, the clitoris becomes engorged, erect and extremely sensitive. Arousal and, ultimately orgasm is easier, faster and more intense. When applied on a regular (e.g. daily) basis, WomanZone can improve libido.

Who recommends WomanZone?WomanZone is endorsed by New Zealand’s Hysterectomy Support Group, Family Planning, Endometriosis Support Group and other professional Associations

Why WomanZone? La Trobe University Australian Study of Health and Relationships 2003 found:- 55% of women lack sexual interest/desire- 29% of women are unable to achieve orgasm- 20% of women experience pain during intercourse- 71% of women have one or more of the above problems

Warnings:Is WomanZone safe to use? WomanZone is a natural product, coloured only by herbal extracts. It contains no dyes, bleaches, petrochemicals or other additives. It contains no propylene glycol. There have been no reports in the literature of adverse effects of direct, oral or intravenous application of L-Arginine. You should avoid using WomanZone whenPregnant and breastfeeding. Use should be avoided if there is any infection (e.g. herpes) or trauma to the tissues.

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